Monthly Archives: October 2021

God With Us – Jesus With Sinners

This is the start of a new series. God with us. We are going to go on a journey discovering the incarnational nature of a living God. This week, Damilola Makinde walks us through a story in the Bible where a woman anoints Jesus with perfume from an alabaster jar. She goes into God’s love language towards us and how God’s love for us is met by our outpouring of worship. We give all of ourselves because he has given more than we can offer.

Vision Sunday: Part 2

Why Is giving so hard? Why is generosity so hard? We know scientifically that generosity is good for us, but why does it feel like death sometimes? Financial giving can bring up so many anxieties within us, however, generosity is a major key to the fullness that Jesus has for you. Pete Hughes speaking this week on the reckless generosity that we want to embody.

Vision Sunday: Part 1

In 11 years our vision has grown but our roots have stayed the same. We are a church that recklessly gives itself away to God, each other, and the people of King’s Cross. Over this two week mini-series, we are going to do three things… look back with gratitude; look forward with faith; act now with generosity. These talks will give you the foundation of what we are about and give you a vision of where we are going.