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Name Above All Names: Yahweh is There

How do we survive seasons of challenge, hardship and adversity? And how do we grow in these seasons?

After 40 years in the wilderness, Moses has an encounter with God that proves to be a turning point in the entire narrative of Scripture. As he asks the question, “Who am I?”, God responds by revealing His name and, with it, a revelation of His identity and an invitation into relationship.

Pete kicks off our new teaching series, Name Above All Names.

KXC Carols 2021: Home For Christmas – Part 2

As the prodigal son returns home, a sound is released. It’s the sound of freedom; a sound that stops anxiety in its tracks; a sound that shakes the darkness of night; that sings belonging over each and every returned daughter and son.
The Father is calling us home. Damilola Makinde invites us to look up and recognise a God who is running towards us in mercy.